CLOUD-Based Point Of Sales System

With a cloud-based POS system, your data is stored online.

You can manage it wherever you are. All you need is an electronic device such as your smartphone, and an Internet connection. No matter how far away you are from your store, you can still manage your data in real-time.

If you somehow lose internet connection when running your store, don’t panic! Your business can still run as usual. Your data will sync when there’s Internet connection again.

Cloud-based POS systems have frequent updates, which could happen every few months. Your provider installs the updates automatically, which means there’s no need for on-site visits for manual updates.

These frequent automatic updates happen so you can enjoy using the current version of the software. Don’t worry, your data is still secure because these updates are done remotely.

Food & Beverage  /  Retail Concept Feature

  • Suitable to use for Restaurants, Retail, take Away and quick services.
  • Support multi promoter sales and commission scheme.
  • Product that are expired will be showing on the dashboard.
  • Member can earn point and redeem point for every dollar they spend.
  • Product that are expired will be showing on the dashboards.
  • Support matrix for item which have colors, sizes and others.
  • Promotion Voucher will be auto generate and print out for customer which spending exceed certain amount.
  • Real time data instantly uploaded to the cloud so you can view your figures anytime anywhere.
  • Support all E-wallet payment including Boost Pay, Touch N Go e-wallet, Maybank QRPAY, Grab PaySand more.
  • Manage multiple outlet with just a single account