is providing a full range of scalable solutions for the CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) maintenance function & Customer Service that adapt to the scope and direction you want to give your project. With its scalable offering, our CMMS meets a specific need at a given time, while leaving you free to grow without any restrictions. In addition to a quick ROI, the ease of use and intuitive navigation that our solutions provide ensure that future users will subscribe to the solution, a key point in the success of computerizing your maintenance activities.  helps you to deploy your CMMS project abroad with its multi-language, multi-company and multi-currency solutions.

The advantages of

CMMS maintenance software


for well-managed maintenance!

  • Suitable for sectors of activity
  • Scalable & quick to deploy and simple to use
  • Multi-company, multi-site, multi-language (Available in 17 languages)
  • Mobile: Smartphone and tablet, PDA Offline, Scan Pal, barcodes, RFID
  • Full web, Windows client or mixed, Cloud or Intranet
  • A controlled maintenance budget
  • Optimal operational efficiency
  • Improved asset performance
  • Anticipated decision-making

The functional scope ofCMMS

8 good reasons for choosing the CMMS

1 – Improve reliability and availability of assets and prolong their lifespan
2 – Improve the satisfaction of your internal or external customers (all your in-house staff or customers under contract)
3 – Improve your management and reduce costs (labor, spare parts, etc.)
4 – Optimize your purchases (spare parts stock and subcontracting)
5 – Control the activity of your subcontractors and your external service providers
6 – Ensure asset traceability to meet the regulatory imperatives
7 – Improve feedback
8 – Help decision-making through activity management indicators