A Wide Portfolio of UAV to address different NEEDS.......

NESTED DRONE SOLUTIONS drone division are mainly formed with the philosophy of providing smart remote drone solutions. With our successful launch of hybrid technology between Drone Docking system and Drone Remote Flight Control System, the idea has now turned into a reality and the solution has been made available to ease controls of stationed drones remotely from anywhere, to minimize ad-hoc service and bring new idea to support our beloved clients.

The fully Automated AI-Power Drone-In-a-Box system, conduct inspection & security tasks 24/7 without needing a pilot on site

  • Scheduled mission run automation.
  • IoT trigger based mission run.
  • Pre defined zone & flight path.
  • Manual remote take over.
  • Automatic take off sequence.
  • Automatic landing sequence.
  • Battery recharge and video upload.