Customizable dashboard with the flexibility of widgets setup and provide information at-a-glance...

UNLIMITED USER!!! Affordable ~ Customizable ~ Flexible (Term & Condition apply)

  • OSNET self-hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is flexible and customizable to fit into companies’ daily operation.
  • Our CRM not only help businesses improve internal communication and stay connected with customers, it also assist in streamline processes, boost efficiency and encourage high return of investment.
  • We have experience in designing and implementing customizable software, tailored to the specific needs, preferences and expectations of clients from various industries.

ALL In ONE Platform Application Software CRM Module

In essence, Osnet CRM is adaptable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries that require effective customer relationship management, project management, and invoicing capabilities.

  • Dashboard
  • Customer Portal Module
  • Accounting Module
  • Sales Management Module
  • Expenses Module
  • Contracts Module
  • Projects Module
  • Estimate Request Module
  • Leads Module
  • Inventory Modul
  • Purchase Module
  • Tasks Module
  • E-Ticketing Support Module
  • Assets Module
  • Knowledge Base Module
  • HR Payroll Module
  • Timesheets & Leave Module
  • POS Module
  • Integration with Woo Commerce
  • Reports Module

Osnet CRM is versatile and can be used across various industries. Its features cater to businesses in sectors such as:

  1. Consulting: Managing client engagements, project timelines, and invoicing.
  2. IT Services: Tracking support tickets, project management, and client communications.
  3. Marketing Agencies: Lead management, campaign tracking, and client relationship management.
  4. Construction: Project management, client communications, and invoicing.
  5. Education and Training: Managing student interactions, course scheduling, and billing.
  6. Healthcare: Patient management, scheduling appointments, and billing.
  7. Financial Services: Client relationship management, financial planning, and invoicing.

Integrated with Certified accounting software...and upcoming more...

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